About Jeremy

I’ve studied and worked as an actor (still do!) in Los Angeles as well as New York and never imagined I would have a professional career in photography. The first headshots I ever took were of my wife (then girlfriend) on my rooftop in Hell’s Kitchen in 2000. Coincidentally, I was given the opportunity to photograph a “business of acting” class to test my abilities and put a portfolio together. I photographed one person a day for a whole month. By the end of that month I found that I had a uncanny knack for putting people at ease in front of my camera thus producing relaxed, spontaneous headshots that got the attention of agents and casting directors immediately. I was hooked! Having an eye for capturing honest and spontaneous moments, I am now known throughout the industry for producing high quality images that represent your unique personality. I am the luckiest person I know as I love my job and get to meet the most interesting and unique people.

family 2016Today I live on the Lower East Side with my wife Ann (who has been my makeup artist since opening Jeremy Folmer Photography) and our daughter Emma. I still act when the opportunity arises and have 20 years of New York experience as an actor. I have great admiration and understanding for how hard New York actors work in this business. I appreciate what is involved in getting you the right shot and have a good sense of what agents are looking for in headshots. My biggest concern always is giving you the highest quality shots and I won’t stop shooting until I feel satisfied you have enough choices to select from. My acute attention to detail and my laid back personality are what help me consistently create headshots that exude personality. Thank you for looking over my portfolio and I look forward to working with you soon.